Words that start with Z created by your cat. How would your cat play in Scrabble?

Cats are the most wonderful animals on earth… and at least the most memical, although your dogs would probably have a different opinion on this subject, it is their purring rivals who have conquered the Internet. And with poems written by cats, cat states, quotes from famous cats as cosmic convictions, why shouldn’t we reflect on how your cat would play if it were a Scrabble fan? Here is a short list of the actions that would make you red hot…and make you tempted to play another furry game…ready for the most abstract cat list on this part of the Internet? Would your cat arrange words that start with Z or words that start with X?

1. It would arrange all variants of the words that start with Z, the words “ purr”, “stroke”, and “cat”, not necessarily in this order

Cats really have a lot of luck-the Scrabble dictionary contains several hundred variants of these basic terms for every thinking creature, or is it the Scrabble dictionary that is lucky to contain these terms? In any case, cats graciously approve of the findings of their human subordinates. At least, until some of their words are rejected…

2. He would insist that the dictionary is wrong unless it counts the words he put together

Ooops…such a dictionary that does not include words made by cats certainly are not right. It is impossible that there were no such terms as “postboredom”, “foodcanned”, and “thatstrangesomethingonthe wall”. Evidently people have broken something again. Or dogs. It definitely checks the dogs!

3. Would check such words as “dog”, “bark”, “retrieve”

So if a player trying to win with a cat, would make such evil terms as “ barking”, “retrieving”, or not giving a cat, “dog”, he would have to take into account the immediate reaction of the opponent, and if the dictionary somehow would include those shameful words, well…there are always such traditional methods of persuasion, such as claws, for example.

4. Couldn’t wait to replace the tiles at the sound of the shaking of the bag with them

Shaking the bag with the plates can hypnotize. And if you could gain an advantage over your opponent in this way by arranging such tasty words as “food”, “food” or even”food”, well.. if you wanted to win and discourage your cat from replacing the plates, there would be only one way to do it, the question is whether you would like to go to the kitchen and open the refrigerator.

5. As if by chance he would lose tiles from the board with his tail when he was losing points or can’t arrange words that start with Z

It was an absolute coincidence- that would explain your cat. Oh did you win? I really didn’t know. Maybe we’ll start over? But these plates stay with me. After all, it’s not my fault that you broke the board. Or let’s compromise – we play again, but the first game forfeit for me. You won’t be making any problems?

6.…and made sweet eyes when a rival would try to make up for loss

And if we had to think about doing them, the cat would change tactics. Instead of being busy with such boring activities as calculating the number of points needed to make up for losses, he would just stare at his opponent. Any self – respecting cat knows that due to their low level of intelligence, people catch this simple trick very quickly. Of course, using it offends a bit of cat’s dignity, but what is not done to win!

7. He would move once in five seconds and then contemplate the board for an hour

Cats extremely dislike time limits. Of course, people agree to it, being a slave species by nature, but with cat such number will not pass. There is no chance that he will even join the game with a half-hour time limit for a move. If you expect a quick game – a cat for an hour will observe a much more interesting point on the wall than the situation on the board. And if you want to prepare a meal in the meantime, he will put the word together so quickly that you won’t even get to the stove. What if you burn the pot because of it? Well, smoke – filled rooms need airing, and ventilation of an open window …and don’t count on the cat making its move before its escape.

8. He wouldn’t have finished any game because he would have gotten bored and fell asleep in the middle of the board. Especially when trying to arrange words that start with Z

In truth, there is no point in counting on any cat for any entertainment in Scrabble. Before the duel is resolved, it will be necessary to sleep off the night races with the shadow of the lamp. And that the board is the perfect place to sleep…Well, the cat knows well that the next day you will play with him anyway. And if you want to write down this victory in your notebook, remember that the cat sees everything. Even if he sleeps he is watching anyway. Mainly because it is just a cat. And cats always win. Even if they lose.