Words that start with X and the most popular Scrabble clones

Scrabble is one of the most copied board games in the world. Some of the clones are almost one-to-one copies, keeping all the features of the original, others differ so much that some players are not even aware of the inspiration of the board game designed years ago by Alfred Butts. There is the list of most popular Scrabble clones and words that start with X.

In 1931, Alfred Butts designed Scrabble as a game that synthesizes the best features of all the board games made before it. As you can see years later he succeeded perfectly. That’s why the creators of many similar games try to follow his example. Some of the producers create counterfeits balancing on the verge of infringement of copyright, while others only gently inspire the original Scrabble by taking the best gameplay elements from it, but also adding new ones that modernize the game, enriching it with a greater element of randomness, plot or…introducing micropayment. Because yes, many of the currently produced Scrabble clones are geared not to open source model, such as Literaki, but to direct or indirect payment. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, as long the games are at a decent level. Worse if these are simply weak productions, not giving pleasure even comparable to the game of traditional Scrabble. The ones from the list below are definitely high quality games, which can not only come close to the legend, but even compete with it. Many of them can be found on the Internet in electronic form, some of them are mobile applications. Scrabble can be therefore quite literally – always at hand. Did you know there is just 152 words that start with X and 1857 words that start with K in Scrabble dictionary?

Words of Wonder

Kinship with Scrabble: Cousins

Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish

Game type: mobile application

In Words of Wonder we are dealing with micropayments, but they are not required to start the game. 600 demanding levels await the players, during which they will have to search for words on the board. Applications can be merged with your Facebook account and compete with your friends there. The tactical element is very important here. However, this is not a game in which you will immediately become a champion – as in many similar applications, and here reaching the advanced level, even if all tasks are performed at 100%, simply requires a lot of time.

Literals and words that start with X in polish dictionary

Scrabble related relationship: illegitimate child

Languages: Polish, English

Game type: browser

The Literal letters at first known as the Scabbards came into conflict with the owner of the Scrabble brand. To say goodbye to it, the creators changed the formula a bit and released the prepared version under a free license, so not only can you play Literals for free, but also get to know the source code, and use it for your own productions and modify it. On kurnik the game gathered thousands of fans. There are competitions and championships organized there, and players also meet live. It’s one of the long-functioning word game communities not only in Poland but also in the world. Although letter X exists in polish dictionary there is no words that start with X in polish language.


Kinship with Scrabble: far affinity.

Language: English

Type of game: traditional board

Snippets is a game only slightly inspired by Scrabble. However, in 2017 it was recognized by one of the board associations as the discovery of the year. Snippets are short letter clusters. The players’ task is to find and list all the words they contain. In the case of an “elk” snippet it will be for example, a “large”, “large-area “, “harness”, “beam”, and simply an” elk”. Points are scored by those who manage to write them out the most within 60 seconds . Easy, right? And how exciting!

Dabble – uses similar dictionary and words that start with X as Scrabble

Kinship with Scrabble: descendant

Language: English

Type of game: traditional board

Dabble can be played by 2 to 5 players. They compete to form words with 2 to 6 letters. To win, they must make all 5 – one two-letter, one three-letter, third four-letter, etc… They have five minutes to do it. The game uses tiles similar to those in Scrabble , but the scoring is different. The points of letters are also different. The number of individual letters is also different!

Logorrhea (Big Boggle)

Kinship with Scrabble: Younger sibling

Language: English, French, Italian, Spanish, polish, Russian, German, Portuguese.

Type of game: browser mobile application

In this game, the players’ task is to find the best scored word, ( which usually translates into its length) on the board of 5×5, always filled with tiles with individual letters .You can arrange the words diagonally, moreover, they score better. Players make their moves alternately, until, the moment when the movement limit set at the beginning of the game ends or the time passes. The game also has several variants- in some the players compete on the same board searching for as many words as possible, in some the board is smaller ( 4×4 or even smaller 3×3).