Words that start with Q in Scrabble – all that You should know about creating words from letters.

What words that start with Q or words that start with Z can be arranged in Scrabble? Scrabble is (along with its variations ) the most popular word game in the world. In Polish network it can be recognized by some users as LITERAKI. Simply speaking, it is a game of arranging words out of letters. Of course, the art of playing Scrabble is way more complicated than what on the surface it would seem. It turns out to be useful not only to know most complicated words, but , also, mainly, two – and three typos and the rules of their variations. The possibility of constructing as many anagrams as possible is not without significance. That does not mean that Scrabble is only for the professionals – one of the greatest strengths of this game lies in its versatility- it is suitable for complete rookies as for players definitely more experienced. One and the other would find lots of important information just on Scrabblemania!

When was Scrabble born?

The game was created in 1931 year , so next year, it will celebrate its 90th birthday. “Criss-Cross” was its first name. Architect Alfred Mosher Butts came up with the idea of creating this type of word game. The man coming from Rhinebeck, New York state was not working in the profession at a time , which prompted him to look for the possibility to earn money from the original idea of a board game. What is interesting , the word game from “Golden Beetle” by Edgar Allan Poe inspired Butts . The famous American horror writer made stories, in which main character , in order to get the treasure , he was forced to solve the word mystery. For this purpose, he had to use mental juggling with the letters of the alphabet.

Alfred Butts was planning to name the game “Lexuko”, however, he has already given the name “Criss Cross Words” to the producers, which way better reflected the purpose of the game of arranging words from letters. Unfortunately, ( as it turned out later , mainly, for themselves ), the producers completely ignored Butts’ invention. He has managed to sell the rights to the game after long searches to an attorney named James Brunoto. By the way, the creator improved the game and changed its name to the well-known one – Scrabble, again.

Scrabble letters distribution and words that start with Q

The letter pattern in the game was the same as the letter pattern on one of the title pages “New York Times”. Since then, the number of plates with individual characters of the alphabet did not changed. At least as far as the English version is concerned, because every language , in which the Scrabble variety was born ( the official majority – current brand rights owners are distributing the game under the same name all over the world).

In Polish language the letter pattern looks like this :

  1. Point : A ( nine ), I ( eight ), O ( six), Z ( five) , R ( four), S ( four ) , W ( four )
  2. Points : C ( three), D ( three), K ( Three) , L ( three) , M ( three), P ( three, T ( three), Y ( three)
  3. Points : B ( two ), G ( two), H ( two ) , J ( two ), Ł ( two ), I U ( two )
  1. Points : Ą ( one ), Ę ( one 0, F ( one ), Ó ( one ), Ś( one ), Ż ( one )
  2. Points : Ć ( one )
  3. Points : Ń ( one )

9. Points : Ź ( one )

0. Points : empty ( two)

At the beginning of the game , each of up to four players receives 7 letter tiles. Its task is to arrange them on the board so that they form a word that exists in polish language ( without abbreviation or a proper name being an). It may be independent ( it means that the player only composes them from letters only , that he has) or created through adding tiles to the word that its already placed on the board. The only one condition is the necessity of intersecting or contacting a new word with those actually on the board and placing it vertically or horizontally. You can’t make the words diagonally, you can’t , either , place piece of tile horizontally, and a piece vertically. In total there are 850 words that start with Q in english alphabet. The shortest word is “qi” and the longest words that start with Q are “quarterfinalist” and “quadruplication”.

Bonuses and scores for the correct arrangement of words from letters

There are bonus spaces on the board – letters and words, double and triple. Double letter bonus means , that the value of the letter , which would be placed on the marked field with the letter , it would be multiplied two times. Triple word bonus means , in turn, that the value of the completely arranged word would be multiplied three times. In theory, ( although, this is an extremely rare event ), you can obtain word bonus worth of 27 times ( it means that one word includes up to threefold letter bonuses. In that case, the bonuses cumulate. However, rivals block access to fabulous bonuses, and the entertainment is won by getting multiple letter bonuses and double word bonuses. In addition, you can get a special bonus in the amount of 50 points, only if you can arrange a word consisting of all 7 letters. Scrabble entertainment is won by the player , who gets greater total number of points at the moment in which will not be left for use any of the hundred tiles.

Creating words out of letters, searching for anagrams and word games , its one of the biggest advantages in Scrabble. But if you would like to start a serious adventure with the word game , remember , that that is just the beginning.

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