Word finder and anagrams. Why is it worth to play Scrabble?

Is it legal to use word finder to find words that start with Z while playing Scrabble? Although today we have a choice of dozens if not hundreds of thousands of different types of games, small games and creations located somewhere on the border between the game and the application, the number of people who arrange words from letters in various varieties is increasing. Whether it’s on kurnik.pl in the comfort of our home with a board version on the table or during a break In work in one of hundreds of mobile applications. But why is it so? Whether it is a temporary fashion, a trend for word games promoting multi-layer competition or maybe the everlasting charm of Scrabble? If you haven’t answered this question yet, be sure to check our list of 6 reasons to play Scrabble. Of course, there would be 66 of them, but for a good start to the adventure with composing words from letters, you should have enough!

1. Use word finder. It’s great way to pass the time

Playing traditional Scrabble for four can take even more than an hour, that’s true> But if you play over the internet, you can set a time limit for the whole round. It is even possible to play a round less than in 10 minutes on kurnik.pl. Such five – minutes duels may not be especially rich when it comes to long or exceptionally fancy words, but they perfectly teach the game under time pressure. You can simply enjoy this type of entertainment even during a break at work ( and if the boss or boss lady does not observe, even during work…which of course we do not encourage. In addition, some of the mobile applications offer a single player games. In one of the slow motion varieties, which in turn is the Scrabble variety, place as many words from the letters visible on the screen as possible within 2 minutes. This is as much as yu spend a day just logging into social networking sites!

2. Nothing gets the party going like a Scrabble party

Certainly, you have once been to a party where all the guests look at each other sluggishly trying to start a topic that after a short while is lost without echo. Everyone is praying for the arrival of another person or at least the appearance of electrifying news about someone’s breakup or wedding on social media. However, it does not have to be so. It is enough to propose to play a game of Scrabble to break the ice. It won’t matter who the winner is, along the way you will have a few arguments about which words should be in the dictionary, and which you will not find out who is at odds with grammar and who is upset by the curses placed on the board. It will certainly, certainly not be a boring game!

3. Scrabble connects generations

Okay – you say- you can play Scrabble with friends, but what about integration with parents, grandparents or children? Arranging words from letters is also a great opportunity to play with them! Not enough that you can do quite well in the game, regardless of knowledge of various corners of the internet or news on Netflix ( and these are the topics that that are often not discussed with people who are much younger or older than us ), you can still learn a lot of words that sound quite foreign from your grandparents and yet are present in the dictionary. Advantages only!

4. The game meets the need to compete without spending money on micropayments. Word finder is all you need

Unfortunately, most of the games that are gaining popularity today are based on micropayments. Although theoretically they are free – to – play, in practice, in order to get decent results, it is impossible not to spend at least dozen złotych per week. Or have an angelic patience. Scrabble and most of its clones allow you to satisfy the daily need for competition without having to spend regular money. Once purchased, a board game will last for years, and many internet websites, for example on kurnik.pl, you can play it completely for free. By the way, you don’t have to spend months every evening just to reach the basic level of initiation. Of course, you will not be a champion right away, but, if you have a gumption for word games, you will not have to accumulate resources tediously just to unlock new resources. In Scrabble and its clones, a good player will be successful from the beginning.

5. You will enrich your vocabulary

You will not always need to be able to declassify the names of complex chemicals. Not necessarily, also, in your CV, you’d be able to include information about the knowledge of all two- letters words in Scrabble. But the language rules shouldn’t be much of a mystery to you. By playing Scrabble and its clones you will enrich your vocabulary and develop your language skills. And it never hurts to express yourself a little better, truth? Even if it’s just training for the next Scrabble party! However use our word finder if you have a problem arranging words from letters. Thanks to word finder you can also check correctnes of the word you arranged. It is easy and can help you win every Scrabble game.

Below is the list of other Scrabble and word helping tools that may be useful during your game.

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